Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cat 5 Super Typhoon Songda kicks off season in Western North Pacific


Category-5 Super Typhoon Songda kicked off the typhoon season in the Western North Pacific this week. As of 0500 JST on Thursday, May 27, Songda was packing winds of 160 mph off the east coast of the Philippines. Songda is generating very high waves throughout much of East Asia, including the Philippines, Taiwan, and Southern Japan.

SURGEDAT has identified the maximum surge height and location of 66 surge events in East Asia between 1880 and 2010, however, lacks surge data for the Philippines. If you have information about the surge or wave heights for Songda or any other typhoons that have impacted the Philippines, please send observations, photos or video to Hurricane Hal at

Stay safe and stay tuned to Hurricane Hal's Storm Surge Blog throughout this tropical season!

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