Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hagupit/ Ruby Storm Surge Photos and Videos Map

Short and sweet post today. My main contribution to the world in the past 24 hours is the creation of a Super Typhoon Hagupit/ Ruby Storm Surge Photos and Videos Map. This Google-driven map places surge photos and video in the location where they were shot. Each observation comes with an approximate time stamp.

Click on the map below:

 Hagupit/ Ruby Storm Surge Photos and Videos Map
The Hagupit/ Ruby Storm Surge Photos and Video Map plots the location of surge media on a map, enabling the media to be organized spatially. Source: Hal Needham

This is an experimental web-tool and I'm running it for the first time during Hagupit/ Ruby. I'm hoping this helps spatially organize the media related to storm surge coming out of the Philippines. For example, notice how calm the water was on the west side of Samar compared to the rough waters/ waves on the north and east side of the Island on Saturday.

This pic from Borongan City, in Eastern Samar, is placed on the map where it was actually taken. Note the rough surf and storm surge that is already inundating the landscape.

Note how calm the water is at Calbayog City, on the western side of Samar, on the same date. This location is approximately 100 km (62 miles) from Borongan City, but is protected from high water from Samar at this time.

Please reply to this post with any comments or suggestions, or feel free to send me an email at hal"at" Also, always feel free to send me pics or video of surge from the storm!

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