Saturday, October 8, 2016

Storm Surge Pushes into Charleston

Good morning everyone. After prolific blogging/ analysis this week I stepped away from the computer for around 18 hours to come down to Corpus Christi, Texas, and give a seminar at Harte Research Institute yesterday afternoon. We had a great turnout for a Friday afternoon talk on storm surge.

I'm just getting back to Hurricane Matthew now. It looks as if Matthew has tracked along the coast, as predicted. The northern eyewall was moving into Charleston around 1-2 hours ago, pushing a substantial storm surge.

Storm surge moving into Charleston this morning. Photo: @MelisEgan on Twitter

Are you affected by Matthew's storm surge? What is/ was it like?

Please place a comment on this blog post and tell us more.

I have not yet completed the U-Surge pages for Charleston and Savannah, which would place Matthew's surge in historical context.  I hope to complete these soon. 

Email or place a comment on this blog if you have comments or questions. Email:

Our thoughts are with those in coastal SC facing the brunt of Matthew right now.

THANK YOU for all the encouraging feedback I received yesterday!



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