Friday, October 11, 2013

Follow Near Real-Time Water Levels in India on the INCOIS Website

Follow near real-time water levels in India on the INCOIS website. ( Link: Although no tide gauges are provided for the likely area of peak storm surge (they would probably be washed away anyway), a gauge in Paradeep, about 150 km (93) miles northeast of the likely peak surge location, provides near real-time data.


The top graph provides water level observations (red dots), as well as predicted tide levels (green curve). The bottom graph provides the residual level, or the difference between observed and predicted water levels, which is essentially a storm surge height. As of 11 Oct at 1900 UTC, the storm surge level in Paradeep was approximately 70 cm, and rising.

Surge levels in the region of peak storm surge will likely be substantially higher than Paradeep, because storm surge levels tend to be quite localized. Water levels on the Indian coast should peak about the time of landfall, which will be on 12 Oct around 1200 UTC, although localized differences in the timing of peak surge often occur in landfalling tropical cyclones.

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