Saturday, January 23, 2016

Coastal Flooding Webcams for the Mid-Atlantic Coast

Here are some webcams that let us watch storm surge/ coastal flooding along the Mid-Atlantic Coast:

Location: Margate Fishing Pier, Margate, New Jersey

This cam provides a great look at powerful waves striking the pier, which is on the ocean side of the island.

Cam: Bethany Beach Boardwalk Cam - Bethany Beach, Delaware

This cam shows a streaming view of high surf reaching to the dunes. The ocean at this location looks about 100 feet from the buildings, which would surely flood if not for the dunes.

Location: Gardners Basin, New Jersey

This cam shows a live shop at the top of screen. But scroll down! You'll see a sweet time lapse from the past 24 hours or so. The docks float so they go up and down with the water, but look at the water level compared to the ropes/ straps on the pilings, which are fixed. We can really see some nice water level rise!

Cam: The Cove in Cape May, New Jersey (Light House Views)

Webcam provides view down the coast, but moves to give us different views. We can see Cape May Lighthouse on South View. When camera zooms out on east or southeast view, we see a sand entrapment fence, which is close to high water line this morning. View to northeast shows waves crashing on dunes.

Cam: Wet and Wild - Northstar and Sunset Cam - Ocean City, New Jersey

The dock on the left and the pilings appear to be stationary, allowing us to watch water rise against them. The dock on the right appears to be floating, and will rise with the elevating water.

Cam: Wet and Wild - Speed Boat and Bridge- Ocean City, New Jersey

Floating dock with nice zoomed in cam to see waves splashing against dock and piling.

Cam: Wet and Wild - Jet Skis and Boat Docks- Ocean City, New Jersey

Floating docks with pilings.


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